The Ugly Truth, 2009, *1/2, PG-13


Starring:  Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler


This movie was disappointing.  It’s your typical romantic comedy, but it seemed like certain scenes were unfinished, and there was way too much back and forth banter, and not enough action!


Essentially Gerard Buter plays Mike, the raunchy late night host of, “The Ugly Truth.”  He talks about why women are crazy, and all men care about is the way a woman looks.  Katherine Heigl plays Abby, a producer of a Sacramento morning show/news program.  The ratings are low during sweeps month, and her manager decides to hire Butler to do his Ugly Truth program on the show.   


As expected Abby (Heigl, “Knocked Up”) is furious with this decision, but slowly begins to realize Mike (Butler, “PS I Love You) is actually saying the truth about relationships, and starts to fall for him, (while she’s trying to pine after her neighbor—pretty boy orthopedic surgeon named, Colin—(Eric Winter).


There are some fun scenes, with Heigl and Butler dancing, and Butler having fun with two bimbos in a pool of Jello.  Renting it could be fun, if you are in love with Gerry Butler.

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