Jennifer’s Body, 2009, ***, R



Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, J.K. Simmons


From the writer of Oscar winning “Juno” (Diablo Cody) compiles this horrific seduction of a monster movie, “Jennifer’s Body.”


Jennifer (Megan Fox, “Transformers”) is a sexy-slick operating cheerleader who becomes the victim turned villain in this gruesome horror film.  Jenn and her dorkier better half-best friend Needy(Amanda Seyfried, “Dear John,” “Letters to Juliet”) attend a rock concert in their small town, the local pub burns down, and Jenn goes off with the band and lead singer Nikolai (Adam Brody) leaving her friend behind. 


Hours later Jenn visits Needy at her home and all hell breaks loose, literally.  The next morning at school, Jenn acts as if nothing happened, and is completely insensitive to the mourning of students burned to death in the local pub fire. Needy is trying to figure out what has happened to her friend, meanwhile other students start getting murdered; ripped open and eaten to death.  She tries to uncover the truth, save the town, and keep her boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons, “Hotel For Dogs,” “Evan Almighty”) away from her “changed” friend.


Every year these horror movies get more intense, more violent and gorier than the last.  There is some dialog that screams Diablo Cody because it is so goofy, and doesn’t really sound like something a high-schooler would say, unless they all talk in a bizarre code.



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